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Pascal general The Pascal User Manual and ReportJensen+Wirth (Price: $46)
Elliott B. Koffman   Pascal(Price: $46) (DM 110,12 EUR 56,30) (£32.99)
Elliott B. Koffman  Turbo Pascal   (Price: $48) (DM 118,51 EUR 60,59) (£32.99)
Programmer's Guide to Turbo Vision Book and Disk (Price: $28)
TP Memory Management TechniquesE/XMS. OOP Dorfman, B+D (Price: $33)
Programming With Turbo Vision Blake Watson (out of print)
Turbo Vision Toolbox (Developer's Series) Schumann (Price $40)
Turbo Pascal 7 : The Complete Reference by Stephen K. O'Brien +al.(Price:$28)
Turbo Pascal Programming 101 Calvert+Virk (Price:$24)
Turbo Pascal by Richard Mojena (Price: $69.95)
Using Turbo Pascal 6.0-7.0/Book and Disk Julien O. Hennefeld (Price: $57.95)
Turbo Pascal(r): Self-Teaching Guide, Keith Weiskamp (Price: $26.95)
Schaum's Outline of Programming with Pascal, Byron S. Gottfried (Price: $13.56)
Software Design and Data Structures in Turbo Pascal Elliot B. Koffman (Price: $46.95)
The Revolutionary Guide to Turbo Pascal/Book +Disk, Yuri Borodich (Price: $34.95)
Programming in Pascal, Nell Dale (Price: $52.50)
Pascal : An Introduction to the Art and Science of Programming, Savitch (Price: $56.45)
Pascal Programming and Problem Solving with Software, Leestma,Nyhoff (Price: $65.00)
Pascal Precisely, Judith Bishop (Price: $39.70) ?
Pascal Precisely for Engineers and Scientists Judy +Nigel Bishop (Price: $35.15)
Oh! PASCAL!: Turbo PASCAL 6.0, Doug Cooper (Price: $61.25)
Borland Pascal 7 Insider (Coriolis Group),Paul Cilwa, Jeff Duntemann, (Price: $26.95)
The Borland Pascal Problem Solver, Brian Long (Price: $34.95)
Fundamentals of Data Structures in Pascal, Horowitz, Sahni (Price: $76.40)
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Pascal math ? Numerical Recipes Example Book (Pascal)  W.T.Vetterling (Price: $30)
Numerical Recipes in Pascal : The Art of Scientific Computing, Press, Flannery, Vetterling (Price: $59.95) ?
Introduction to Algorithms in Pascal  by Thomas W. Parsons (Price: $71)
Scientific programmers' toolkit for TP  (Price: $200)
Scientific Pascal, Harley Flanders (Price: $42.50)
general The Elements of Programming Style   B.W. Kernighan, P.J. Plauger  (Price:$38)
Controlling the World With Your PC  by Paul Bergsman (Price: $28)
Write TSRs With Borland's TASM, C/C++, TP/Book+Disk (Popular Applications) by Jim Ras (Price: $13.56)
Encyclopedia of Graphics File Formats With CDROM ($60)
3D Graphics File Formats : A Programmer's Reference by Keith Rule, Keith Ruler ($32)
3D Computer Graphics Alan Watt (Price: $50)
The Hp-Gl/2 and Hp Rtl Reference Guide : A Handbook for Program Developers ($57)
ASM Mastering Turbo Assembler /Book and Disk by Tom Swan.(Price: $ 36)(£26.67)
Learn Turbo Assembler Programming in a Day (Popular AppSeries) S.K. Cunningham (Price: $16)(DM 31,12 EUR 15,91)(£9.72)
Assembly Language : Step-By-Step (Coriolis GrBk), Duntemann (Price: $32)
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Doberenz Kowalski
Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen. Pascal-Version  Niklaus Wirth Grundlagen!!! (Preis: DM46 ~ EUR 23,52)
? 3D- Graphik in PASCAL. G. B-Schulz, C. Schulz (DM 30, EUR 15,50) NICHT MEHR VERFÜGBAR!
Pascal Cross Compiler. Für Mikrocontroller der 8031- Familie.  O'Niel Annand, Valentin Som (DM 129, EUR 65,96)
Turbo Pascal 7.0. Das Kompendium. Einführung- Arbeitsbuch - Nachschlagewerk.  Kassera, (Preis:  DM 39,95 EUR 20,43)
Borland- / Turbo- PASCAL 7. Taschentabelle. Hofackerverlag, (DM 9,80 EUR 5,01)
detto B- / TP 7. Taschentabelle. mit Diskette, Hofackerverlag, (DM 29,80 EUR 15,24)
Programmierkurs Turbo- Pascal Version 7.0. Übungsbuch,Henning Mittelbach (DM 49,80 EUR 25,46)
Programmieren lernen in Borland Delphi 5..  Doberenz, Kowalski (Preis:  DM 49,80 EUR 25,46)
Borland Delphi 97 (3) für Profis.  Doberenz, Kowalski (Preis: DM 98,00)
Delphi 5.  Elmar Warken (Preis:  DM 99,90 EUR 51,08)
COM/DCOM mit Delphi  Andreas Kosch  (Preis:  DM 79,90 EUR 40,85)
Delphi 5 lernen. Anfangen, Anwenden,Verstehen.  Lang, Bohne (Preis:  DM 49,90 EUR 25,51)
Go To Delphi 5.  Bohne, Lang (Preis:  DM 89,90 EUR 45,97)
Informatik mit Delphi  Modrow (Preis:  DM 32,80 EUR 16,77)
Delphi 5 Datenbankprogrammierung.  Ebner (DM 99,90 EUR 51,08)
Komponenten und Delphi, m. CD-ROM , Vogler (DM 69,00)
Borland Delphi 5. Grundlagen und Profiwissen.  Doberenz, Kowalski (DM 98,00)
Borland Delphi 5. Kochbuch.  Doberenz, Kowalski (DM 98,00)
Mastering Delphi 3  Marco Cantu (Price: $40)
Delphi Nuts & Bolts : For experienced progr., Cornell, Strain,Horstmann (Price: $20)
Delphi Developer's Handbook Marco Cantu (Price: $40)
The Official Guide to Learning OpenGL,  Neider,Davis,Woo (Price: $28)
Developing Custom Delphi 3 Components (VDM)  Konopka,Duntemann (Price:$40)
Secrets of Delphi 2 : Exposing Undocumented Features of Delphi Ray Lischner out of stock
Hidden Paths of Delphi 3  Experts, Wizards, Open Tools Api Lischner(Price: $32)
Using Delphi 3 Miller,Powell,Bouchereau,Bucknall (Price: $40)
The Tomes of Delphi 3 : Win32 Core Api (Price: $44)  support site
The Tomes of Delphi 3 : Win32 Graphical Api  (Price: $44)
Database Developer's Guide D2 (Sams D's Guide)Ken Henderson (Price: $44)
How to Program Delphi 3 by Frank Engo (Price:$32)
Delphi 4 Developer's Guide Pacheco,Teixeira (Price:$48)
Charlie Calvert's Delphi 4 Unleashed  (Price: $40)
Delphi 4 Bible by Tom Swan (Price: $40)
Sams Teach Yourself  Delphi 4 in 21 Days, Kent Reisdorph (Price: $32)
Mastering Delphi 4 by Marco Cantu (Price: $40)
Mastering Delphi 5 Marco Cantu / Paperback / Published 1999   (Price: $34.99)(DM 97,03 EUR 49,61)(£29.59)
Delphi 5 Developer's Guide Teixeira, Pacheco / Paperback (Price: $59.99)(DM 117,03 EUR 59,84 )(£35.19)
Essential Skills with Delphi 5 Andrew Santos / Paperback / Published 2000 (Price: $22.00 Special Order)
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